What is StalcraftHQ?

StalcraftHQ.com (previously StalcraftClan) is a website with various resources and tools for MMOFPS game Stalcraft. On StalcraftHQ you can find a clan on your server region and your faction, find and compare Stalcraft players, check their faction and clan histories, track eruptions and much much more!

This is a hobby project developed by TehGM, and does not represent any official standing by EXBO.

What's the point of logging in?

If you wish to do so, you can login with your EXBO/Stalcraft account.

Once logged in, you get quick and convenient access to the list of your Stalcraft characters and clans.

If you're a clan leader, you can also edit some extended clan information such as languages, links etc.

More features are of course planned and coming in future!

Logging in is completely secure - it uses official Stalcraft API, and only gives us some read-only information about you. We cannot use this to access your game account or edit any in-game information.

To see details about what we see when you log in, check official Stalcraft API documentation.

Player Characters

What is Player Finder?

Player Characters obviously play a huge role in Stalcraft. For this reason StalcraftHQ has its own Player Finder (also known as Character Search). You can find any in-game character from all Stalcraft regions.

On the Character's page itself you can find some useful information about a character - their key details, faction, clan and more. We even track clan and faction history! There's also a table featuring all character stats, and you can even use a search bar to filter stats that you're interested in!

Character information is updated every few minutes, so don't worry if your stats aren't on the page yet - they will be very soon! Promise!

What are Most Popular and Recently Viewed characters?

Player Finder shows a table of most popular and recently viewed characters - they're characters that are viewed a lot (or well, recently) on StalcraftHQ website.

As you visit player page, the website will take a note of when it happened and how many times. That information is later sorted and summed up, and most popular characters are displayed on the page!

You may see that the tables don't update right after you view a character. Don't worry, it's still counted - the updates are simply delayed to improve performance.

Also note that if you viewed a character recently, it won't be counted if you open their page again - there's a cooldown on visits to prevent spam. But if you visit again in a few hours, it'll be updated!

How does Player Leaderboard work?

StalcraftHQ collects some of the most interesting stats on all characters to display on Player Leaderboard.

Each character is checked periodically to avoid servers overload - StalcraftHQ tracks a large amount of players, and updating all of them can take some time. Currently each character is expected to be updated roughly once a day - but that delay might change.

If you just finished playing and your leaderboard position hasn't updated, don't worry! Simply come back in a few hours, and there's a chance your new stats will be there!

Why my character doesn't appear on Player Leaderboard?

If your character is one of the top in the Zone but doesn't appear yet, it might be for a number of reasons.

Most common reasons is that StalcraftHQ hasn't updated it yet - simply check in a few hours!

If your character doesn't appear for a very long period of time, it is possible that we simply don't know your character exists yet... sounds bad, but don't worry, it's easy to fix - simply use Player Finder to open your profile - this will let the website know you want to be included in the leaderboard in future updates!

We also reserve the right to hide players that violate Terms of Service - but don't worry, this is only here for the extreme cases.

Will more stats be added to Player Leaderboard?

StalcraftHQ currently tracks only a few most interesting statistics for each player. This is done to reduce the server costs - we track thousands of characters and it adds up quickly!

We plan on observing server behaviour and maybe we'll add more stats.

If there's a statistic you really want to be added, please let me know and do consider donating - if I can expand the database capacity, StalcraftHQ can grow much more!

What is Open World PvP Score?

Unfortunately non-event/open world K/D ratio is currently impossible to accurately calculate in Stalcraft - this is due to how Stalcraft counts stats - and we don't want to show inaccurate PvP K/D!

To attempt to address this, StalcraftHQ introduces Open World PvP Score to estimate how well a player does in open world PvP.

This stat takes kills, assists, and certain deaths to calculate a score. It does NOT count death from anomalies. Click on the ? icon next to score for more details.

Do note that this statistic is StalcraftHQ-specific. It's NOT an official stat, so don't take it too seriously!

Can I compare character stats?

Yes! StalcraftHQ now has a character stats compare function!

To compare 2 player characters, open character page through Player Finder or by picking one of your own characters from the menu. You'll see Click to Compare Players right above the stats table. If you click on it, you'll be able to search for any Stalcraft character to compare stats with.

When comparing, StalcraftHQ will automatically highlight better and worse stats!

To stop comparing, press button next to the character name.


What are the numbers with icons on the top of the Clans page?

Whenever clans are synchronized with Stalcraft servers, StalcraftHQ also calculates some interesting statistics.

The stats shown on Clans page is the number of clans and all clan members per faction.

These statistics are filtered based on the selected region - so you can select which regions you want stats for by simply searching for them!

You can also click on them - it'll take you to a page where you can view more detailed stats, as well as some charts and compare with data from up to a week ago!

Note: these numbers only show count of players in clans. Players without a clan are NOT counted.

How can I add my clan?

Clans are requested from Stalcraft servers, so all you need to do is create your clan in-game.

Clans are requested from the server periodically, so don't panic if your clan doesn't appear yet - just give it some time and it'll pop up!

How can I edit my clan details?

Many clan details, like description or members, are taken directly from the game - simply edit your clan in-game and the change will appear on the website after some time.

But StalcraftHQ supports extended clan information - languages, activities, in-game and Discord contacts, whether clan is recruiting, or even website or Discord invite links!

This extended information can be edited by clan leaders directly on the website. If you're a clan leader, login to StalcraftHQ using a button on top of the website, then click on your clan name to open its page - there you'll find an edit button. Once you click it, the page will enter edit mode, where you can change certain information about your clan. After saving, this information will become visible to everyone!

Why is my super-old clan not visible?

Unfortunately Stalcraft API doesn't provide information about RU clans from before the Subdivision update, so we can't list them here.

If you are a leader of such clan and wish your clan to be listed, pick a Faction in-game and we'll automatically find it after several minutes.


What is Eruption Tracker?

Eruptions play an important role in Stalcraft, and it's often useful to know when last eruption has occurred (or if one is actually happening right now!)

To allow tracking of eruptions, StalcraftHQ includes Eruption Tracker as one of sub-features. On the Eruption Tracker page you can see last eruptions timers for each Stalcraft server region in real-time. Additionally, you can subscribe to Discord notifications so your Discord server has a constant stream of eruption notifications!

(you can check official EU/NA/SEA Stalcraft Discords to see how they look!)

On top of all that, StalcraftHQ also collects data on eruptions as they happen. This data is then used to calculate some interesting statistics as eruptions count and average times between eruptions - go to Eruption Statistics to check it out!

Why do eruptions on Discord appear so late?

You might have noticed that eruption notifications can take from several seconds to a few minutes to appear on Discord.

This is an unfortunate side effect of Discord rate-limits. StalcraftHQ sends a few hundreds of webhooks to various Discord servers whenever an eruption happens, and Discord really doesn't like when you spam their servers. To respect the limits we need to send these notifications rather slowly, otherwise Discord would block the messages completely!

I am currently investigating options for improving the speed. Fortunately the Eruption Tracker on the website is not affected by this problem.


How can I submit a guide?

You might've noticed that Guides section now contains guides from different authors.

If you wish to submit your own guide, pleace contact me on StalcraftHQ Discord.

Guides submitted by different authors become part of StalcraftHQ and we reserve the right to change, move or remove any content. See our Terms of Service for more details.


Why did the name change from StalcraftClan to StalcraftHQ?

Originally when I created the website, Stalcraft API did not exist, but I still wanted to create a website for Stalcraft. One of the things that would be manageable to achieve manually was to allow players advertise their clans - so I named the website "StalcraftClan".

When beta of StalcraftClan went live I contacted EXBO, and after seeing the website they were happy to start working on the API. Once API was released the amount of possibilities became MUCH larger - and so I was happy to add more and more features. After some time the list of features has grown so much so the name "StalcraftClan" wasn't accurate - at this point clans weren't even the most used feature!

Bigger set of features also meant that it became difficult to list all popular features in a visible spot - a homepage with a list of clans just was not flexible enough to accomodate all the website offers.

For this reason I made the decision to rename the website to something less confusing and much more fitting: StalcraftHQ - your ultimate headquarters for all things Stalcraft!

Why is this website so ugly?

Come on, it's not. It uses MudBlazor with its default theme, it looks pretty nice!

That said, I definitely want to customize it and give it some of its own character. Over time I hope to update the looks - just don't expect too much, I am a backend developer!

Where I can report a bug or make a suggestion?

You can submit bugs and suggestions on StalcraftHQ Discord in #bugs-features.

How can I support the project?

StalcraftHQ is a hobby pet project developed entirely in my free time.

If you'd like to support the development of the project, you can do so via StalcraftHQ's Patreon:

StalcraftHQ @ Patreon

Alternatively, if you'd like to support me directly and buy me a beer for my late-evening gaming sessions, you can do so via any of following services:

TehGM @ Buy Me a Coffee

TehGM @ GitHub Sponsors

You can also send me in-game roubles if you're playing on EU - character name is TehGM.

In any case - thank you! You're awesome!


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