Open World PvP Score: 3330

Faction History


A Finger in Every Pie
Complete all the available events
Parting Gift
Kill a player with a grenade after you die
Ultra Kill
Quickly kill 5 players in a row
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All Stats

Survival Stats

Longest killstreak40
Players blown up11
Deaths from melee weapons259
Deaths from explosions177
Deaths from falling82
Deaths from suffocation0
Deaths from infection71
Deaths from blood loss39
Deaths from anomalies251
Deaths from Whirlpool144
Deaths from Blender54
Deaths from Aspic0
Deaths from Trampoline9
Deaths from Lighter11
Deaths from Kettle1
Deaths from Discharge27
Deaths from Inferno0
Mutants killed86,969
Wild hounds killed3,954
Mutts killed10,682
Piggies killed12,036
Psy-hounds killed2,240
Boars killed16,427
Ghouls killed8,376
Skitters killed8,800
Behemoths killed1,053
Rats killed9,941
Fiends killed747
Deaths from bullets4,822
Players slaughtered305
NPCs killed53,078

Combat Stats

Damage dealt to players738,218.23
Damage received from players774,628.85
Total damage dealt40,782,216.35
Total damage received3,660,961.86
Damage dealt to players with explosions2,508.57
Shots fired1,873,869
Number of hits2,171,803
Shots to torso1,104,544
Shots to limbs401,849
Grenades thrown2,140

Exploration Stats

Dungeons completed0
Time spent in the game1463 hours, 2 minutes and 4 seconds
Arrived in the ZoneWednesday, March 29, 2023 1:20:13 PM
Distance traveled on foot14,223.59 km
Distance traveled by crawling23.83 km
Distance traveled by crouching1.66 km
Distance traveled by air (falling)4,200.75 km
Achievements obtained128
Medicines used63,639
Food eaten3.85 kg
Distance traveled with a trader’s backpack2.50 km
Participation Tickets found0
Anomalous Blizzards survived0
Dropped containers discovered0
Dropped containers broken into636
Stashes dug up2,793
Artifacts collected1,864
Bolts thrown80,519
Scans conducted1,389
Signals discovered510
Time spent in a squad747 hours, 49 minutes and 50 seconds
Times you’ve joined a clan0
Times you’ve joined a subdivision8
Messages sent in chat3,545
Quests completed9,529
Daily quests completed0

Economy Stats

Items crafted0
Backpacks repaired0
Weapons repaired468
Armor repaired381
Packages intercepted0
Packages delivered0
Packages crafted0
Money earned by delivering packages0 ₽
Money spent on packages0 ₽
Successful trades165
Gear upgrades1,579
Successful gear upgrades415
Money earned from sales to merchants124,959,652 ₽
Money earned from quests2,102,740 ₽
Items bought from merchants72,641
Items sold to merchants61,868
Highest amount of money in your account41,888,160 ₽
Money found0 ₽

Session Modes Stats

Operations undertaken with the Kostelevsky group159
Operations successfully undertaken with the Kostelevsky group89
Games played in Standoff mode29
Players killed in Standoff mode396
Deaths in Standoff mode507
Victories in Standoff mode11
Defeats in Standoff mode9
Victories in fights on equal terms5
Victories in fights with your own gear46
Fights taken part in56
Victories in Battle Royale mode0
Games played in Battle Royale mode0
Kills in Battle Royale mode0
Tasks completed in Battle Royale mode0
Matches played in Crow Arena197
Wins in Crow Arena107
Won on bets0


Items created on the workbench8
Items created on the laboratory table0
Items created on the kitchen table0
Energy burned to create items390
Objects placed in the hideout2
Resources spent on the creating products in monetary terms1,068